Back Pain

Back Pain in McKinney, TX

Back Pain is a common reason chiropractic patients seek treatment. Upper Back Pain (or Cervical Back Pain) and Lower Back Pain (or Lumbar Back Pain) can prevent you from going about your daily activities. Multiple studies have proven chiropractic care to be the most effective treatment for back pain. Dr. Derrick can help by creating a custom treatment plan that focuses on the cause of your pain to make your road to recovery less complicated. Trinity Health Solutions treatment plans don’t stop with chiropractic treatment, our practice has a family medicine team, physical therapy, and multiple licensed massage therapists. Even if you feel you have extreme back pain, it is always best to start with a conservative noninvasive approach when seeking relief. We believe our comprehensive approach to restoring your body to its fullest potential allows for more thorough and faster healing.

Back Pain, Lower Back Pain, Lumbar Back Pain

Back Pain Symptoms

Ache Anywhere On Back
Achy or Dull Pain
Back Ache
Back Gives Out
Back Stiffness

Difficulty Moving
Difficulty Sitting
Difficulty Walking
Numbness in Arm
Numbness in Feet

Numbness in Leg
Sensitive to Touch
Sore When Touched
Weakness in Back
Weakness in Extremeties

Common Causes of Back Pain

Abnormal Curvature of the Spine
Bad Mattress and/or Pillow
Bad Posture
Bulging Discs
Cancer of the Spine
Degenerative Disc Disease
Facet Syndrome

Improperly Lifting Heavy Objects
Herniated Disc
Lumbar Radiculopathy
Muscle Spasms
Pain After Back Surgery
Pinched Nerve

Ruptured Disc
Sitting for Too Long
Sleep Disorder
Slipped Disc
Standing for Too Long
Strained Muscles or Ligaments
Strenuous Physical Work

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Possible Diagnosis for Back Pain

Cauda Equina Syndrome
Costosternal Syndrome
Leg Length Inequality
Lumbar Disc Herniation
Lumbar DJD
Lumbar Facet Syndrome
Lumbar Instability

Lumbar Stenosis
Lumbar Strain/Sprain
Postural Syndrome
Sacroiliac Syndrome
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Stretches to Help Back Pain

  1. The Lying Knee Twist helps strengthen your spine and core, as you bend your right knee to your chest and allow it to fall to the left side of your body while laying on a flat surface. Hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds, and notice your back and glue muscles engage in a gentle stretch. Tighten your core and rotate back to center. Now perform the same motions with your left knee to chest and twist to right side. Repeat each side 2 more times.
  2. The Knee To Chest aligns your pelvis and stitches your lower back. Lay flat on the ground with your toes pointed to the ceiling. Gently bring your right knee to your chest, keeping your toes flexed. Hold your leg in place at your hamstring, knee, or shin, and gently pull your leg in closer to your chest. Hold for 20-30 seconds and slowly release your leg back to the ground, then repeat with your left leg. Repeat each side 2 more times.
  3. The cat/cow yoga positions engage your entire spine and releases oxygen to help loosen your muscles. In cat/cow, you are on your knees and hands looking toward the ground. In cow, make sure your torso, arms, ground and upper leg make a square, so all 90 degree angles, and raise your head so your chin is pointed straight ahead. Transition to cat by engaging your core, dropping your chin to your chest, and rounding your back. Hold each pose for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times.
  4. The Piriformis Seated Stretch is designed to lengthen your piriformis muscle, which is highly beneficial to chiropractic patients with sciatica. In a seated position with a nice tall back, cross your left leg over your right bent knee, touching your left foot to your right quad, and tuck your right foot underneath your buttocks.Hold for 20 seconds before alternating sides. Repeat each side 2 more times.
  5. Child’s Pose is another great yoga position to stretch your entire back in a rested position. Sit on your knees with your knees a little wider than hip distance apart, walk your hands all the way out in front of you so your forehead and belly rest on the floor. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat 2 more times.
  6. The Cobra Stretch stretches your lower back and abdominal muscles. Lay on the floor with your legs fully extended, and your palms flat on the ground with your elbows underneath your shoulders, making a 90 degree angle. Walk your hands in toward your body until your arms are fully extended, as you elevate lift your head and point your chin to the ceiling. Hold for 15 seconds and gently lower yourself. Repeat 5 more times.